For years you have tried and FAILED at …

X Intermittent Fasting

X Low Carb

X Low Fat

X Keto & Paleo

X Bootcamps

X Juice Fasts

X Skinny Teas

X Seasonal Detoxes




👍🏻Fed Up



👍🏻Like a Quitter



These Women Felt the Same Way

And then they hired me.


Will I be hungry?

Hunger is a normal response to the body requiring nourishment. My clients learn how to eat a whole foods diet with the emphasis on protein, complex carbohydrates, fibre, and healthy fats.

Do I have to eat differently than my family? Do I have to give up carbs?

Nothing is off limits. However, you will receive education on the importance of making the healthiest choices possible to maximize your health and results.

I met Debra from LadytheFUp. She changed me in so many ways. I thought it was my age and things will never change, however, I was wrong and age is just a number. I feel awesome and get so many compliments. She made me believe in myself and the process. Best I ever did for myself. Thank you Debra for teaching me how to eat to perform and giving me the confidence to never give up. Christine Mantini

Do I have to have a gym membership?

No. All exercise programming is done with what you currently own in your home. However, if you would like to also use a gym, both options are available.

Debra Basch is the real deal. The combination of total expertise, tough but fair motivation and genuine kindness is a wicked combination. I have no doubt that in her hands, I will achieve every goal I set for myself, and that anyone fortunate enough to work with her will be the same. Becky Akerman

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How is this different from other programs?

Nothing is “pre-designed” or cookie-cutter. All programming is personally tailored to the client and their needs.

I reached out when I was at my lowest - off work from PTSD, not feeling like myself, and not even able to recognize myself in the mirror. Coach Deb is fantastic. She helped me to uncover many things about myself, which allowed me to grow & develop into a new person. She truly helped me through my journey, in more ways than just transforming my body. I have a new outlook, a new mindset, and a new lifestyle. She helped me to see that I could achieve what I thought was unachievable. I am back to feeling like me again which is priceless. Lindsay Huibers

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What’s the difference between a Trainer and a Coach?

A trainer is hired to give supervised and safe workouts. A coach takes a 360 approach to helping their clients reach their goals. Accountability, support, education, and guidance is given to you to ensure you are progressing.

Coach Debra has been amazing since the very beginning. I had great results during the 60 Day Challenge and decided to stay on. To this day, I have lost 38 lbs and am going strong. Without the constant support from Debra, I would have given up months ago. Stern, but fair, available at any moment for questions or a little pick me up, very inspirational and a few laughs along the way. Linde Devins

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What happens if I fail?

If you falter, support is there for you 24/7. The expectation is that you will need help and part of the learning is understanding that “setbacks” will happen. We learn from the experience, hit reset and continue.

Working with Debra has helped me understand my body better. I have made breakthroughs in understanding my own physical limits and, what works and what doesn’t and structuring my workouts and meals accordingly. She is not only very good at her job, but is an immensely compassionate, relatable and kind person. I recommend her highly and have benefited tremendously from having the weekly check-ins and 24/7 access during my program with her as these are life lessons that I am now armed with to move forward. Indy P.

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